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S2E15 – To Be Fat Like Me

“Kaley Cuoco gets the job done.”


S2E14 – The Rachels

“This is a fine, fine film.”


S2E13 – The Girl He Met Online

“His description of his ideal date was PSL basic.”


S2E12 – 12 Feet Deep: Trapped Sisters

“This pool has the ambience of a prison.”


S2E11 – Expecting Amish

“They are both vanilla cake.” Today, Molls is joined by My Favorite Murder co-host Georgia Hardstark to chat through the Lifetime film Expecting Amish. Molls shares some Amish fun facts with Georgia and they talk about how they both struggled to get through this...

“The Tori Spelling Lifetime Lifetime Achievement”
Award for Season One goes to…



Liz & Dick

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As someone who had spent many of my formative years pretty addicted to Lifetime movies for obvious reasons, this podcast is a true dream. Boyfriends and friends always made jokes about my little addiction but I knew I had found gold within these movies, because let’s face it, they’re always a wild ride. I look forward to this podcast every week, always excited to see which movie you’ll conquer next. Even when I don’t know the movie, it’s always a great listen.


Molls is hilarious and this podcast is extremely necessary. Absolutely critical for anyone who loves Lifetime movies, drama, and hilarious conversations.

Ethyl Vanillin

Love this podcast! Hilarious, insightful, and fully engaging. Reminds me why I love Lifetime Movies in the first place. A definite subscribe!

Beth E

I found this podcast through Pop Rocket and am so very glad I did — it’s so funny, charming, and blessedly feminist. All of the episodes made me laugh (a lot) and each one does a great job of unpacking the many absurdities of Lifetime Movie Culture (but not without affection). I also found it really sensitive and thoughtful about the serious issues with lie under the over-the-topness of Lifetime movies – Molly and her guests’ discussions of violence against women and eating disorders were really sensitive, thoughtful, and respectful.


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