Part 1:

“That is… NOT hot.”

Molls jump-starts the holiday season by inviting David and Joe (hosts of our very own Patreon-exclusive show 12 Months of Christmasto check out 12 Men of Christmas, starring Kristin Chenoweth. 

They start off with some fun, quick theater stories before moving into a discussion about the film. Join them as they enjoy E.J.’s journey as a big city #bossbabe promoting a charity calendar in a rural setting (and a Masked Singer prediction). Come back next week to hear where this landed on our rating scale!

Part 2:

Molls, David, and Joe are back for the rest of 12 Men of Christmas! Enjoy descriptions of the men our main character is working with, the script quality, and how Molls really feels about this film. 

Stick around to hear David & Joe’s fave Christmas films and where this lands on our rating scale, and a reminder on the origin of why they decided to cover this movie. 

MMISWP Rating: 36.5
Read about our rating scale here.

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