Stalked By A Reality Star (S4E14)

Stalked By A Reality Star (S4E14)

S4E14 Part 1:

“I’ve been forty since I was six!”

Molly invites her friend Jake Fogelnest to enjoy a little Lifetime Original movie about a reality star who winds up stalking a girl he meets in a bar!

Join them as they get into this hot recommendation by Jake – they swap stories, get distracted, jam on inappropriate casting choices, and share many LOLs. Does it beat our current TSLLAA front-runner The Boy She Met Online? You’ll have to come back next Sunday to hear!

S4E14 Part 2:

“I don’t know if Lady Gaga could do what I do!”
Molls and Jake return to finish up Stalked By A Reality Star. They chat about radio broadcasters, the movies they havent seen (truly shocking, tbh), and some discussion about generational differences. Also, we know you came back to see if this beats The Boy She Met Online, but we know you’ll enjoy some LOLs too!


Wisegal (S4E13)

Wisegal (S4E13)

S4E13 Part 1:

“This whole movie is full of Italian white guys with dark hair.”

Molly welcomes back Desi Jedeikin to discuss Wisegal, the mobster drama (inspired by a true story) starring Alyssa Milano!

Hear what Molly’s ideal job is (within this film, that is), when she decides this is the best movie ever, the fly-by comparison to our fave show of all time, Law & Order SVU, why they are confused about when this movie actually takes place, and lots of LOLs!

S4E13 Part 2:

“Are we supposed to know that slang? That getting mobbed meant getting killed?”

Molls and Desi are back for Part 2 of their Wisegal journey! 

Enjoy the ladies lolling over people thinking they can get out of mob life, which drag queen they’d like to see a movie about, their skepticism about older blonde men, and how Italians could be poly. Be sure to stick around to see where this fine film landed on our official rating scale, too!


Killer Coach (S4E12)

Killer Coach (S4E12)

PART 1 (S4E12a):

“Nice guys really do finish last.”

Molls invites friend Greg Lisi to chat about Killer Coach, our third swimming movie (so far)!

Join them for a chat about whether an ocean or a pool is scarier, random swimming stories, LOLs about college, a rule of thumb about restaurants, and more.

Bonus gem: enjoy Greg’s reading of the article about Gina’s bronze medal win!

PART 2 (S4E12b):

“You’re a teacher, topless, at a high school party!”

Molls and Greg are back to finish up the second half of Killer Coach!

We find out Greg is pro-romper, enjoy a random IMDB movie review that’s sort of related, Molls’ “Monster Mash” story, and find out where this flick landed on our rating scale.


Manson’s Lost Girls (S4E11)

Manson’s Lost Girls (S4E11)

PART 1 (S4E11a):

“I’ve always had a soft spot for most of these girls.”

Molls and her friend Susan get together to discuss a film based on the lovely ladies who followed Charles Manson in the 60s – Manson’s Lost Girls.

The history is strong in this episode – Molls and Susan chat about the LA property where Sharon Tate (et. al.) was murdered by the Manson “family” and Molls’ own “family” connection to the person who owns it now, among other things… like the 60s ~free love~ vibes at the Manson ranch).

PART 2 (S4E11b):

“Every single person in this movie is famous.”

Molls and Susan are back to finish up Manson’s Lost Girls! They chat about names (find out who Susan is named after and enjoy the tangent that follows), the fame-factor of the cast, and more hippie vibes. Stick around to see where this landed on our rating scale!


Fatherly Obsession (S4E10)

Fatherly Obsession (S4E10)

PART 1 (S4E10a):

“As a realistic stand-up comedian, you cannot bank on that!”

Molls welcomes Chris Farah to tackle a lovely film with a double title – Fatherly Obsession (or The Landlord, if you’re looking for it on IMDB).

They start off part one with why Chris picked this movie (and how pumped Molls is about it), the music featured in the movie, the comedy of it all, making it in LA, and much more.

Come back next week for Part 2, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

PART 2 (S4E10B):

“If I was looking for my cat and someone was like ‘do you want to get tacos’ and they were playing Reggae music, I would lose my mind.”

For a special Easter treat, Molls and Chris Farah are back to finish the tale of Fatherly Obsession!

Right off the bat they start with some IMDB research, then a little later talk about the VR tech. Stick around to hear how this movie ended (if you didn’t call it sooner) and where it landed on our rating scale!


The Secret of Hidden Lake (S4E9)

The Secret of Hidden Lake (S4E9)

PART 1 (S4E9a):

“We’re going to have to do a lot of ‘cut to laters’ in this movie.”

Molls welcomes back Ted Travelstead for his third round of MMISWP. This time, they get into The Secret of Hidden Lake, a movie full of fun surprises!

At the top, Molls explains why our episodes will be broken into two parts going forward. After that, it’s on!

Tune in to hear why this movie reminds Molls about a time she called the police on a naked man, about Ted’s feather research, why cup acting is always terrible, and so much more!

PART 2 (S4E9b):

“Buck Mountain at 7am must be so fucking lit.”

Welcome back to part two of Molly & Ted’s breakdown of The Secret of Hidden Lake, AKA Buck Mountain, baby!

Molls & Ted continue the LOLs for your entertainment. Join them as they wrap up this fine film by comparing Buck Mountain at 7am to Burning Man, why this is the perfect movie to watch from your hotel room on vacation, and where it landed on our rating scale.