S4E13 Part 1:

“This whole movie is full of Italian white guys with dark hair.”

Molly welcomes back Desi Jedeikin to discuss Wisegal, the mobster drama (inspired by a true story) starring Alyssa Milano!

Hear what Molly’s ideal job is (within this film, that is), when she decides this is the best movie ever, the fly-by comparison to our fave show of all time, Law & Order SVU, why they are confused about when this movie actually takes place, and lots of LOLs!

S4E13 Part 2:

“Are we supposed to know that slang? That getting mobbed meant getting killed?”

Molls and Desi are back for Part 2 of their Wisegal journey! 

Enjoy the ladies lolling over people thinking they can get out of mob life, which drag queen they’d like to see a movie about, their skepticism about older blonde men, and how Italians could be poly. Be sure to stick around to see where this fine film landed on our official rating scale, too!

MMISWP Rating: 36
Read about our rating scale here.

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