“We’ve all dreamed of the day we can come back with a brand-new face.”

Molls welcomes back Ben Mandelker to chat about a thrilling 90s Lifetime film, A Face to Kill For, starring Crystal Bernard. 

Before getting into the movie, they start with a nice little creationism song by Crystal and her sister, Crystal’s Wings stardom, and a lovely Crash Test Dummies moment.

Join Molls and Ben for this true horse girl and beige journey as they enjoy Bernard’s hard work on this film (including the continuity of her southern accent, among other things).

Part 2:

Molls and Ben return to wrap up A Face to Kill For. Tune in for some pretty important turtle facts, what the movie really should have been titled, fun tangents, and much more. Enjoy the LOLs and stick around to hear where this lands on our official rating scale!

MMISWP Rating: 46
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