“Don’t try to hit me up with this Jesus Jones line I’ve heard a million times before.”

Molly and friend of the pod/returning guest Ted Travelstead get into the VERY recent based-on-a-true-crime story, Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer.

Molly pledges to share any hot tea she knows about the real case with Ted, they discuss the line of business the victim was in and her dedication to it (and how the actress really sold it), all the red flags, and much more!

Editorial note: Please keep in mind we’re walking through this film as we do all the others – with a comedic lens. Any jokes/laughs are a result of the movie and not the case itself.


Molls and Ted wrap up the dark tale of the Watts Family Murders by discussing some important background details of the case, attitude gum, Ted’s acting experience, and more. You might be surprised with how well this movie rated on our official scale!

MMISWP Rating: 27

Read about our rating scale here.

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