Part 1:

“This is a full-blown irresponsible single mom story.”

Molls gets into I Almost Married a Serial Killer with the hosts of 2 Girls on a Bench, Tricia and Siana!

This is a newer Lifetime movie, and don’t worry – the ladies will point out how you can tell throughout the episode! There are unanswered questions (like how does the main character afford the giant house she lives in?), some talk about Lifetime writing and being a parent, and a very… sketchy moment that will definitely make you LOL.

Bonus: enjoy this sketch as shown in the film!


Part 2:

Molls and 2 Girls on a Bench, Tricia and Siana, are back to finish this insane movie! They poke holes in (and share laughs about) the ridiculous plot, chat about the aesthetic of the WitSec house, speculate what could really happen at a PTA meeting, and discuss the bad decisions Camille continues to make.

Enjoy the dive into the rating scale – we know you’ll understand why this movie received the rating it did!

Happy Holidays to you, Nacho Experts! We’ll be back in 2020!

MMISWP Rating: 39.5
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