Mother, May I Sleep With Podcast? is the only podcast that breaks down Lifetime Original Movies, one movie per week.

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Molls starts her journey by covering iconic Lifetime films, including Jodi Arias: Dirty Little SecretThe Client List, and The Craigslist Killer.


Molls and friends dive into more Lifetime classics for your listening pleasure, like Britney Ever After, Girl Positive, and Killer Assistant.


Molls brings you another season with a lineup of spectacular guests and stellar films, like Flowers in the Attic and I Me Wed.


By popular demand, Molls brings you another season of Lifetime LOLs, complete with great friends and fantastic movies!


Season 5 will be one of the best seasons yet – with an equally epic guest and movie lineup, you’ll be thoroughly entertained!


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“Very Lifetimey”

This pod brings so much joy to my week. I’m one of those people who doesn’t actually watch all the movies, but it doesn’t matter because the commentary is all I need. Didn’t think it was possible to laugh this much, but here I am. Can never look at a made-for-TV movie the same way ever again, and honestly I’m changed for the better. Thanks Molls and guests for dedicating hours of your lives to give us this quality content.


“Guilty Pleasure”

I’ve seen maybe two Lifetime movies in my life, but as a lover of 80s TV movies this podcast makes me so happy. It’s a delight to hear Molly and her guests dish about casting, writing, wigs, and everything in between. My go-to weekend putter-around-the-house podcast.


“Only salty I didn’t think of it first”

…although if I had, it would be nowhere near this great. Listening to this pod feels like I’m watching a movie with my best friend. I am SO glad that Molls and friends are back for another season, but even in the interim, I’ve enjoyed re-listening to old episodes – my favorites are Jodi Arias (duh), The Client List (this pod actually inspired me to watch the entire series after finishing the movie) and Britney Ever After. Thanks for making great content and validating my love of Lifetime movies.

kathryn bailey

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We strive to make MMISWP available on your favorite podcast app.
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