“Influencers don’t dress like that!”

Molls invites friend and mogul Alvina Roman to join her revisit of Web of Lies.

That’s right Nacho Experts, you may remember Molls covering this movie a couple of months ago with Nicole for a Patreon bonus, but we all know it deserves a deeper dive!

Join Molls and Alvina as they trace some IMBD connections, Whitney’s influencer style, H2Almond, and much more. Next week, you’ll see where this lands on our rating scale!

Part 2:

Molls and Alvina finish weaving their way through Web of Lies. And wow, it’s truly a wild web!

Are the social media handles featured real? Does Molly need to upgrade her television? Will she ever know what H2Almond is? What’s it like to be a local hire? Where does this movie land on our scale? Tune in to find out the answers to most of these questions and have a few laughs along the way!

MMISWP Rating: 39
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