Part 1:

“They used sixteen different babies in this movie.”
We’re back from holiday break and ready to get it poppin’, Nacho Experts!
This week, Molls gets into Mommy Group Murder with her friend and writer/producer Todd Greenwald.
Find out what role Molls would want if she had to be a teacher, Todd’s experience with real mommy groups and what he has against cats, and much more.

Part 2:

Today, Molls and pal Todd Greenwald wrap up the suburban nightmare that is Mommy Group Murder.
Not only will you hear how this film ends and where it lands on our rating scale, but you’ll also learn what it means to order a burger “deluxe” style, hear a nice little New Year memory of Todd’s, and more!

MMISWP Rating: 43.5
Read about our rating scale here.

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