Part 1:

“This is definitely a New Hampshire/Vermont/Delaware type of situation.”

Molls invites her new friend El Rey (@elrey on Twitter & Instagram) to chat about a based on a true story, Lifetime classic – Murder in New Hampshire, starring Helen Hunt!

They start with discussing the case of Pamela Smart, an Ariana Grande relation, a quick discussion of some 80s metal/hair bands (and a sick air guitar moment), and so much more to LOL about. 

Part 2:

Molls & El Rey are back to wrap up Murder in New Hampshire!

They continue to cover the wild “affair” Pam had with Billy while enjoying the theme of devil’s (yet v sexual) music throughout the film. They also throw in a little comparison of Pam & Billy with Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott and a little zodiac sign discussion for your listening pleasure.

MMISWP Rating: 36
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