Part 1:

“This is a really upsetting movie.”

Molls invites friend and legit film critic, Katie Walsh, to discuss one of the most iconic made-for-TV movies of the 90s: She Fought Alone, starring Brian Austin Green and Tiffani Amber Theissen (aka BAG & TAT).

The ladies enjoy 90s fashion, a trip through the pages of IMDB, Blues Traveler, and much more.

Part 2:

“Like Degrassi, she fucking went there.”

Molls and Katie are back to wrap up She Fought Alone, the BAG & TAT classic of the 90s. They chat about how this movie was ahead of its time, the various (probably felonious) crimes committed in this film, some bonus Juno Temple content, and where it inevitably lands on our rating scale.

MMISWP Rating: 31
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